ClaimID.com dump data and link extraction: Intro

Did you get dumped by ClaimID, leaving you hanging high and dry? Well, now you can dump them too! Use this tool to download and reclaim your links, in a simple json format.

Download data and links from your ClaimID user page

Success not guaranteed!



Web archive alternatives

If you are interested in saving your link collection from certain death, even after Google's Website Cache expired for your user page - send me an email (code+claimid-dump@joelpurra.com) or open an issue on github to let me know. I'll look into creating a cache fallback to a web archive. My primary alternative would be the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, see for example the username joelpurra - it works, but isn't as updated as Google's cache.

Download your ClaimID data while it's still possible!

I've created this tool to get a hold of my own links - you should too, before it's too late!

Q: When is it too late?

A: It's hard to tell - but as soon as Google's cached copy of your user page is gone, it might be gone for ever!

ClaimID has officially been taken down

While the service was unreachable at times before it was taken down, all pages have now been replaced with a thank you message.